Solar Power In Ireland

Solar energy in Ireland is provided by both direct sunlight (40%) and indirect sunlight (60%). So, even when the sky is overcast, its radiation (sunlight) is available at ground level and can be converted into useful heat by a solar water heater

Ireland’s solar climate is as good as northern France. In Ireland a horizontal surface of 1m2 receives an average of approximately 1100 Kilowatt-hours (kWh) of solar energy per year (the equivalent of 120 litres of oil).





Solar water heating is the conversion of sunlight into heat for water heating using a solar thermal collector. Firebird's Envirosol™ range of solar hot water systems represents the ultimate in choice and quality on the Irish market

The benefits of using solar energy for hot water heating are:

  • Energy source comes for free
  • Highly efficient – super fast heat transfer.
  • Ttemperature limitation safety device .
  • Up to 30% more efficient than traditional flat plate panels.
  • Supplies up to 70% of your annual hot water needs.
  • Designed especially for Northern European climates.
  • Asethically pleasing – slimline manifold.

Investing in solar energy is an investment in the future of the environment and should add to the resale value of your property. By using solar energy to heat domestic hot water you will be helping to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels while at the same time improving the energy efficiency, and potentially the value of your home. In particular solar energy scores positively with the new BER -Building Efficiency Rating scheme