Paul O'Brien Heating and Plumbing provide an extensive range of plumbing and heating services in throughout Cork City and County. We have built our reputation on Quality of our Work and Value for Money. We know that our customers are king and value to our customers is the kingpin of our business.  

Our plumbing engineers and contractors are fully registered in their respective trades including Registered Gas installers (RGI) and RECI approved electrical technicians. We make sure that all work is carried out to our highest standards and  with the upmost respect for your property

  • Gas Boilers Repaired
  • Gas Boilers Replaced
  • Gas Boilers Serviced
  • Oil Boilers Repaired
  • Oil Boilers Replaced
  • Oil Boilers Serviced
  • Immersion Heater Replaced
  • Heating Filled & Checked
  • Valves Replaced
  • Water Pumps Replaced
  • Heating Pumps Replaced
  • Radiators Repaired
  • Radiators Replaced
  • Radiators Moved
  • Baths Replaced
  • Toilet Replaced
  • Toilet Cistern Replaced
  • Ballcocks Replaced
  • Showers Repaired
  • Showers Replaced
  • Outside Taps Fitted
  • Drains Unblocked
  • Appliances Installed
  • Appliances Moved
  • Airlocks Fixed
  • Stop Cock Replaced
  • Stop Cock Repaired
  • System Flush
  • Insurance Quotes
  • Emergency Service


Bathrooms for the Less Abled

More Accessible Home with Disabled Bathrooms

Sometimes we have to make our home accessible to those who are less abled, you will be satisfied in the knowledge that your home is a comfortable place for all. Paul O'Brien Plumbing wil convert your bathroom for easier access to anyone less abled.  We can arrange for many different types of less abled bathrooms. Perhaps a level access shower is what you need, or a raised toilet or even a full wet room. We have many disability bathroom solutions that are sure to suit your specific requirements. Grants are available to convert your bathroom, Call us to find out more.

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