Professional Boiler Installation

Throughout Cork City & County

A new boiler installation can be expensive and daunting, you can rely on us to get to you quickly so we can install you a new boiler and get your central heating working again. Paul O' Brien Heating is here to provide you with the best options available at the most affordable prices for your complete boiler installation service.

We service all location across Cork City and County for boiler installation and Service.

We are registered Gas & Oil boiler installers

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Reasons To Replace Your Boiler

Installing a new boiler can be costly however sometimes worth it for a variety of reasons: 

Avoid costly repairs: 

You should have your boiler services annually, if your heating engineer tells you that your boiler is nearing its life span it would be a good idea to get a new boiler installed to avoid costly repairs.

Increase Space: 

Many old boilers can be inconveniently located within your home, they can be large and awkward in size. Replacing your boiler can be an opportunity to downsize and get a newer more efficient boiler.

New features: 

A lot of new boilers come with smart thermostat controls, these are a great way to use energy more efficiently and save on energy bills 

For professional service you can rely and cost effective installations call us for free quotation or

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New Efficient Boilers Installed In Your Home

Having a new boiler installed, at home or in a commercial setting, can be a stressful time, but we strive to make the whole process as fuss-free as possible. We will give you a transparent quote detailing all the costs involved so you know what to expect. Our team are qualified installers and trained to fit the best and most efficient boilers in the market place. A comprehensive after-sales service is part of our guarantee to give our customers peace of mind.

We are registered Gas & Oil boiler installers

For professional service you can rely and cost effective installations call us for free quotation or

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Gas Boiler Replacement

Old gas boilers waste energy and are costly to run, as a large portion of the heat is lost up the flue/chimney. The latest condensing boilers use fuel more efficiently, potentially saving you up to 20%** on your home heating bill.

If you have an old boiler its operational efficiency could be as low as 60%** efficiency. You can increase it to up to 90%* *by installing a new high efficiency condensing boiler. You may even find that you can comfortably install a smaller boiler, further reducing your fuel bills. There is a potential SEAI grant to help with the cost works.

7 Year Warranty

The Boilers we supply offer a 7 year warranty for complete peace of mind, Simple to use controls, Cool door technology, Comprehensive standard components, Service display & phone number, Large backlit LCD with plain text, Stylish chassis with full size door, Quiet operation, Concealed connections

How long will it take?

The replacement of your old gas boiler with one of our “A” rated gas boiler models will usually take 1 full day for a straight forward gas boiler replacement and system flush. Although this is dependent on the condition of the central heating system, gas boiler location, gas pipe size, access to a suitable drain for the condensate by product as well as any additional heating controls or zoning.

Gas Boiler Servicing

To make sure you get optimum performance from your central heating boiler, it’s highly recommended that it’s serviced once a year.

If you want to avoid long-term damage to your heating system boiler servicing is absolutely essential. Boilers should be serviced every year to perform at their designed output and remain under warranty. Our friendly staff are committed to deliver a reliable, professional service to all of our customers. No matter what kind of boiler and heating system your home relies on, our Gas Registered engineers can provide all your heating and boiler servicing.

Paul O' Brien Plumbing and Heating engineers provide an unbeatable service. Our experienced team will investigate every part of your boiler. That way, we can ensure that your heating system is completely safe and isn’t costing you money through inefficiency. As part of our domestic servicing for boilers, we will:

  • Investigate the Boiler’s Printed Circuit Board (PCB).
  • Check All Joints for Signs of Corrosion.
  • Clean the Major Components.
  • Ensure All Seals Are Tight and That There are No Gas Leaks.
  • Inspect All Outflow Pipes and Inflow Pipes.

Thorough investigating your home’s boiler and heating system, we will be able to recognise any issues you might be experiencing. We can then conduct the necessary repairs to resolve issues, or recommend further repairs to resolve these concerns.

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